Form Hc1

Documents to Support Form HC1

Claim for help with health costs includes a lot of fields and data. When you filled in your HC1 template in PDF it can be printed and sent. But sometimes the person needs to approve the data he or she provided. Especially, it is obligatory to approve the salary and income details. It is necessary to provide the pieces of evidence of the information you have mentioned. Note, that the data should be relevant and actual.

Remember, that person who has £16,000 in property or savings, alone or together with a partner, cannot apply for money help. That is why it is obligatory to provide payment information in such detail.

Additional Documents for the Employed People

If you are working in some company or organization, you should provide the Proof Income Form. Instead of the sample, you may specify your or your partner’s payslips. The number of them is various. If you get salary weekly, it is necessary to add to HC1 form five most recent payments. If you have money once in a month, then add the information about two most recent payments.

If you do not have such documents, fill in the template. There are two parts of the blank, that should be filled in by you or your partner and by the employer.

Form HC1 Documents for Self-Employed People

You or your partner should provide the information about the money you received at least for the last six month, but not more than fifteen months. Fill in the form in details. That will help you to count the expenses and income you have. The sample is complicated, thus be careful not to make mistakes.

The Shreds of Evidence to Support the Income of Students

If you are the student who is not living with parents and has no support from the local authority, you can apply for costs. Once you have filled in the HC1 form, you need to add the documents that include your grants and loans (if any).

Add to the template all the notices with the sums you get for grants, awards, and bursaries.

Do not forget to indicate the information about the loan and the copy of the financial assessment that was carried out.

The sum of your loan will be added to your income no matter it has been paid or not.