Form Hc1

HC-1 Form - What Help Is Provided

If the person has not enough money for medical service, he or she can apply for support. To appeal for health costs compensation, you should fill in the hc1 form. Find the form on the internet and fill it out online. Be very careful and indicate all information in details. Pay attention to the fact, that if you or your partner already have money support, there is no reason to complete this document.

You may need to provide additional documents that will supply the data about your income. It can be the payslip or other proof of income. Students will have to provide award notices and loans evidence.

To send it is necessary to download hc1 blank and print it on paper. Send it to NHS Business Services Authority. You will get an answer to your request approximately in a month.

In What Cases Does HC1 Help?

You can apply for NHS maintenance if you have no money for:

  1. Dentist, Optician or General Practitioner consultation and examination.
  2. Medical prescriptions you have got.
  3. Dental treatment and materials (tooth filling, crowns, dental prosthesis etc.).
  4. Sight tests, vouchers for contact lenses and glasses.
  5. Travel vouchers for NHS therapy and treatment abroad.
  6. Wigs or fabric supply.

Will NHS Low Income Scheme Give Me the Full Compensation of Health Costs?

After the hc1 form is reviewed, you will get the answer. It will be in the format of the certificate, that will include all the details of financial aid you receive. The certificate may cover full or partial compensation. If money support includes all the medical cases, there is no need to pay for them. Sometimes, people get only partial financial assistance. The document will include the additional sum you will need to pay.

The certificate can be valid from six months to five years, depending on the situation. If it is already expired, fill out one more form to renew help.

NHS low income scheme is a good variant for those people who cannot afford treatment or medicine. Do not hesitate to apply for support. Anyhow, even partial help is better than nothing. If you are disappointed with the answer you can write a letter to NHS and ask them for a review. The Review Team will revise your appeal and give you the answer.