Form Hc1

How to Apply NHS HC1 Low Income Scheme (LIS)

Some people can not afford themselves to pay for medical service and medicine. If you, together with your partner, have less than £16.000 in savings or property, you have the right to apply for help with medical expenses. If the person lives permanently in the care home, his or her investments or property should not exceed £23.250. You do not have to apply for that money if you already receive help with health costs, pension or universal credit. According to the Low Income Scheme one can be paid for:

  1. NHS prescriptions;
  2. Consultations and examinations of NHS dentist, general practitioner or optician;
  3. Travel to receive NHS treatment.

To apply low income scheme it necessary to fill in HC1 template. The first thing you need to know is that nowadays anyone can fill in NHS HC1 form online. It is simple to use and all the provided information will be clear and easy to read and understand.

What Can I Do to Get Help for the Treatment?

The person who does not have enough money for medical treatment needs to fill in the sample. Furthermore, you should provide additional documents that will support the information about the income you get. Students should add to their form the information about awards and loans they can have. It is necessary to specify such details:

  1. Your personal data;
  2. The place you live (care home or not);
  3. The help you may get from the local authority;
  4. The amount of money you receive on the regular basis.

You can complete NHS Low Income Scheme form for someone else. Fill in all the fields very carefully. The person, that applies for help should check all the information to avoid mistakes. He or she should check whether everything is correct and sign the document.

Note, that it is necessary to sign the document and type in the date. To add the electronic variant of the signature you can draw, capture, upload or send the link to the mobile phone and create signature there. Finally, print the form. Leave the instruction to you. Send the document by post.

You will receive a feedback to your form in a month. As a result, you will get the certificate with the answer. It may be the certificate to cover medical expenses in a full shape or partially. If your request was not fulfilled, you will have to pay part of the price. If the person does not agree with the answer, they can request a review of the application.