Form Hc1

NHC Low Income Scheme — Possible Outcomes

You have not enough money to pay for your general practitioner, dentist, optician or their prescriptions? Then you can fill in the HC1 form to get some funds for that.

Everyone who has the right to apply for health costs fills in the form in order to obtain them. You may send the form for you or your spouse, child, relative or friend. Anyway, all of us want to know what will happen next and how much time it will take.

How Long Should You Wait to Receive the Answer for the HC1 Form?

Once you have sent the HC1 application form, you need to expect for the result at least for a few weeks. That is why it is necessary to apply for help beforehand.

The point is, that every applicant has to wait for the answer for eighteen days, from the date his appeal was accepted. It is the standard procedure.

Usually, a person needs to expect for four weeks, until he or she receives the certificate with the results.

If the person belongs to the category of people who can obtain money for help, will get one of the answers:

  • You will get the certificate that covers full expenses on doctors, treatment, medicine and NHS prescriptions. It means you will spend not a single pound on that.
  • You will receive the document that covers medical service partially. In this case, you will pay the part of the price. The limitations can vary in every case. Also, the document will include the amount of additional payment.

Note, that certificates can be valid from six months to several years. It depends on the situation. Maximum time is five years. Read the document carefully, and you will find all the necessary information.

If your certificate is expired, it is necessary to fill out and send another one.

Do Not Agree with NHC Certificate You Have Got?

In some cases, you may consider your application not to be satisfied with the way you expected. In such a case you can write a letter to the LIS Review Team. Indicate all the information correctly.

First of all mention your name, surname, and the number of the document. Additionally, add your date of birth, contact information (address, postal code, and phone number). Do not forget to enumerate the arguments why you think your application was not satisfied.

Check all the data twice. Mention correct address and phone number, to get the answer as soon as possible.