Form Hc1

Who Can Apply for HC1 Form

Anyone who has no additional income, support, or pension can apply for getting health costs. If you live with the partner, who receives such payments, then there is no need to fill out HC1 template.

The people who are under twenty and who live with a person already getting the costs for medical help are considered to be dependent and cannot complete that blank. Those who are sixteen or seventeen years old and are supported by the local authority can use this template.

If you have applied or are going to apply for the medical help of the NHS dentist, general practitioner, or optician you can get finances to pay for the medicine, glasses, doctor’s consultation or examination. Additionally, you can get money for the travel to get medical treatment.

Remember, that it is necessary to inform the practitioner about the funds you receive for medical service. The doctor may ask you to show the paper, where all the details of your medical donation program are given. You may ask: “Where can I get an hc1 form?”. Read the next paragraph to know the answer to this question.

How Can I Get Help with Health Costs?

If you are going to get money for medical treatment, you need to submit the HC1 form.

First of all, you need to find the template on the Internet. After that, you can download and complete it. The form can be submitted online too.

You may complete the sample for you or your partner, relative or child.

It is better to complete the document using your computer and all the information you indicate there will be clear. There are a few simple steps to fill out the blank:

  1. Visit our website and click on the button “Fill now”.
  2. Read all the instruction, that is given at the beginning of the document, very carefully.
  3. Indicate all the details about you, your partner, children, other people living in your house and the income they get.
  4. If you are filling out the template for someone else, ask him or her to tell you what to type. Give that person the HC1 form to look it through. At the end of it, he or she can sign it and add some notes (if it is necessary).
  5. If you are not sure about the information you want to provide, it is better to clarify all the details.
  6. There is a tick form at the end of the document. It should be filled in and signed.
  7. Finally, you need to save the document. Print the sample and send it to the address, given at the end of the page A of the “Some notes to help you”.
  8. Those who are entitled to financial aid will get the certificate from NHS.